Its Time!

Its been so hard to write a blog post lately… have you noticed my blog post being void or simply not having been around? I have several half written attempts! I guess this is what they call writers blog! So how do I fix this? Where do I start? Well, I guess It is TIME… time to start writing no matter what. Just write what is on my mind, without being so critical on my own writing!

I have been really thinking lately about how it is just time! With the amazing weather we have and all the conversations I have been having; I seem to come back to this central conversation time and time again. We have so much conversation around us that focus on mental health - people taking more “care of self”! Focusing on being healthy within! And I know I have mentioned this a few times …

I remember when celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide I walked down Toronto’s King Street and looking at the people around me. Everyone looked like they were so sad, like they carried the world on their shoulders and it was early in the morning still. We have a society that says everyone and everything should look perfect. Especially professionals. We pay a lot of lip service right now - talking about mental health, trying to raise mental health under executives and profeesionals. But it still carries a lot of stigma and we are not truly ready to talk about it. Not as professionals, we are still embarrassed to admit it when we struggle.

Our struggle often is temporary, but sometimes it isn’t. Like Anthony’s… and things just get away from us. We don’t talk about it till it is too late. So how do we get to a point that it isn’t embarrassing or humiliating for us to admit we are struggling? I don’t have a solution, but I want to start talking more about it, to raise awareness! I know what it feels like to fall apart, feel like I should not speak about it…. yes yes I hear everyone say please talk to me BUT… Its not that easy!

I am lucky, I was able to pull through. Pull it together and get beyond my temporary time of mental hurt and pain! I had a lot of support, even though I didn’t want to reach out or tell people I was struggling. SO I believe it is time to pay it forward! To give back and make sure professionals know it is okay to speak up! There is no shame. So let’s admit when we struggle, its normal and we can together beat this.

We have a lot of fabulousness within us! That is what we need to remember. It is within us - let us remember to always be unlimited beautiful!! It is truly WITHIN you and never ever doubt that!