New Year.. New You! Commitment

At the beginning of every new year, and 2019 is no exception, we see many posts with the slogan “New Year, New You”! What makes life so different on Jan 1, from Dec 31? And it got me thinking…. I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, I don’t know of anyone who keeps resolutions past the first few weeks despite the best intentions. So how do I make an impact in 2019?

As we know, and as statistics have proven, very few people keep their new year resolutions! I’m not about to recite any statistics, I will let google do its thing if you are interested. So does the new you really hold water if it is Jan 1? Or how long does it hold for you? Maybe you are different, it is very possible! But I think there are much better ways to improve ourselves permanently if we do it because we want to, because we are committed to ourselves and not because it is date driven.

So instead of making a new year resolution, I decided to make a renewed commitment to myself to focus on my mental and physical health. To be the best version of myself. To be unlimitedly fabulous - from inside and to believe it, every day. Now that is a commitment I can carry through the year into next year and next - something I can work on improving continually. It is a commitment I am hoping to inspire you to join me in. Like my LinkedIn Post the first week in Jan said “Be uniquely YOU. Be unlimitedly fabulous”!

I attended a training session for a side gig with Nerium Canada and our National Marketing Director spoke and she said something pretty impactful - “what do we need to do more of and what do we need to do less of to make us more successful”. It resonated with me and really made me think of my commitment.

There are definitely things I need to do much less of and some things I need to do more of. And starting with doing less of is one the most important starting points, getting rid of some of the cobwebs by stop doing things, you can see a little more clearly and formulate a plan to better mental health. At least this is what I needed to do. In 2018 we have seen a lot of emphasis on mental health with the suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain but what actual steps have you taken to improve your health? More importantly, what steps do you need to take?

So where did I start with my commitment? I started with less like mentioned before! Less toxic people and things that doesn’t add value but instead add stress. I’ve started by eliminating toxicity and negativity and the impact it has on my life! It is amazing how much clarity and calmness that alone has brought - and this is allowing me to add MORE and to doing MORE! I am finding myself sleeping better and I am more motivated. Even with fewer hours sleep some nights, I have felt more rested as I sleep soundly. No more distressed sleep! Isn’t that profound? And amazing?!

Sometimes we get caught up by the fog of the negative things in our lives, it overshadows who we are and if we can figure out what causes the shadows then we can remove them. Even if we remove one negative thing from our lives, one thing that causes us distress or worry, we find calmness which opens us up to possibilities.

Knowing what matters most to us, is what helps us be healthy - sometimes we lose track. And it is important to take stock now and then. I have a renewed sense of purpose and commitment! A commitment to myself, my health, my family and my career. My commitment is to the people that matters to me, that I will be present and real! All in all in a nutshell, my commitment is to be unlimitedly fabulous, starting on the inside! Join ME..


MB xox