Fabulous News - Finally!

Have you ever had BIG news but you couldn’t share it? Well, since August I had big news which I have been sitting on...!  I have had such a hard time containing this news!   If you know me well, you will know that when I am super excited, like I have been with this, it was really hard for me to keep a lid on it.  Like a kid the week before Christmas I have anxiously been waiting to share and now I can!

Having to work through some personal stuff required me keeping a lid on it but I did update my LinkedIn (quietly I thought) but it did sort of slip out so in some way this is sort of old news to some (and phew.. it didn't affect anything thank goodness). Yup, there is this awesome feature you are suppose to turn off if you don’t want your contacts to be notified of your changes on your LinkedIn (I shall blog about that one day). But still I couldn’t officially blog about it.  That's how things are sometimes.  Now matter how excited you are, you just have to keep a lid on it and it still slips out.   So now it feels a little bit like OLD news but not to everyone.

I have had so many changes in my life the last 24 months - good changes - but one longing remained and that is for family.   As immigrants, we come to a foreign land, and you learn to make friends-family! You learn to adopt and adapt...   I came to Canada in 1997 and landed in Vancouver - so many deep roots in Vancouver and so many good friends! My best friend lives in Vancouver. Many crazy fun adventures awaits us and Vancouver will never be the same again - watch out Vancouver.

Over the years I have lived in many places, across Canada, but as the saying goes "beautiful British Columbia" crawled deep into my heart.   And I am very excited to say I am back in Vancouver!  Yes that is my OLD news!! As I shared with someone in August about my return, I said "I'm going home..." and that is when it truly sunk in for me how I felt about Vancouver and my people here!   HOME!   Home is where your heart is…

Moving across the country is such a huge undertaking!  WOW...  So many moving parts all the time and doing it all in a short frame of time.   I will definitely be writing a blog on that as it is not for the faint of heart...  and hopefully my experience can be a help and encouragement to someone.  Helping someone take the leap of an adventure.

I am absolutely thrilled to have joined the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) - it is such an amazing organization. Fast moving, every changing industry, so you are always learning and stretching. I feel like I’ve grown and stretched so much just the past few months. I get to work with an amazing team and a great mentor.

Remember to keep living your dream - do something important for your health - do something new!  You are a limited edition of YOU!  Live FABULOUSLY, because you ARE FABULOUS already, it is inside of you!


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