Time OUT - ME TIME increase Fabulousness!!

My life seems like a race! I rush from point A to B with a jam packed schedule and I would not have it any other way.   I like busy, but I like being productive and having results even more!  But most of all, I like achieving something useful, something meaningful and feeling like I am giving back.  There has been so much in every blog about mental health and I really took a long time before writing this message.   

Why?  Well, for one I didn't want it to be lost in all the mental health messages as of late. With a jam packed schedule for one, I haven't been feeling like I was giving back in the "right" way for me and I haven't felt in the right mental health!   I was really taken back with Anthony Bourdain's death and how he died. And it made me ask myself a lot of questions, something I seem to have done a lot this year!  But THAT has been healthy and good!!  If you know anything about me you know my passion for cooking and baking! 

Little pleasures me more than spending time cooking or baking.  I can literally spend hours and hours cooking and baking for my loved ones. Then watching them eat... oh my, what a joy!  I admired Anthony spunk for life, his attitude towards food and life was something admirable and so out of the ordinary.   He like doing things unusual and going places that a lot of celebrities may not.  So his suicide took me by surprise and shook me up a little.  

So I decided to take a step back in my life!   Chill out like the teenagers would say and look at what is important to me.  Look at my mental health and make sure I am healthy!  I did have a lot going on the last year and making sure I am in a good place, is essential.   I decided to unplug, do crazy but healthy things (wait I was always crazy and I am ok with that...) and do a few "firsts" that will empower my soul, my mind and my body!   Like the crazy bike ride!  

I decided to overcome my own silly fears of the great Canadian outdoors and go camping.   I live to tell the story and actually had a lot of fun.  I went up by Matawa, a place called Lazy Rock - and it was stunning!  Water calms me and brings me a lot of serenity - restores my inner peace.  Sitting beside the lake, staring across the water as I sipped my coffee in the morning and finished the day with a glass of wine, was perfection!  What brings you peace and centers you?   

While camping, I spent time with people I care about!  I disconnected from social media, my email and a lot of the time did not even know where my phone was.  At first I felt like I was letting people down but then it was liberating.   I even missed a few photo opportunities - but oh well.   But this gave me a chance to put things into perspective - look at what matters most to me.   

Since then, I choose to put my phone away everyday for a little bit and to concentrate on the people in front of me or do something that makes me feel alive - disconnect digitally and connect with my friends face to face.  Or pick up the phone and talk to my friends and have a conversation rather than texting.   I still have not shed the bad habit of texting while I walk, but I am working on this...   Continuous improvement is important.   

It has felt great to take a little guilt free me time.  And I have not been this productive in a long time, my mind is clear and I know exactly what I need to do.  Having perspective, getting some rest and doing a bunch of firsts - getting out in nature and doing some fishing helped restore me! 

What are you doing to help restore you?  We all need to every now and then step back, take a breath and restore!  So get up, get out and RESTORE - have some ME TIME!  Give yourself permission...  

Watch for my next blog - I promise not to wait so long.. exciting news to share! Enjoy life - and always be unlimited fabulous!! It is already inside of you, just believe it!

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