Purposeful & Fabulous Giving BACK!

Wow! What a terrific day Sunday. The close to a terrific week full of excitement and the day did not disappoint.    In my previous blog post, I mentioned my participation in the Ride with Wheels for the Darling Home for Kids.  And what a ride! I loved the slogan at the Mattamy Stadium in Milton, our starting point... "A Place of Possibilities"  It was so fitting to the day and the whole purpose for doing this ride!  Everything the Darling Home does for families, opens up possibilities for parents and kids.  So its very fitting indeed. 

What a fantastic experience - riding 50km in pouring rain but doing it with the ringing of the voice of one specific girl's parents in my ears...  it made it more than worth it.  Knowing what the Darling home meant to this family gave me the adrenaline and endurance I needed, in the few moments I needed the extra burst of encouragement.  Every time the rain hit my face and ran into my eyes, my legs burning, my lungs burning I just needed to think of the reason and I had more energy to keep cycling!  

I have not run a marathon since my late teens, or done anything that requires this much endurance.  But how thrilling and exciting.  Doing something that makes us feel alive like my friend Monique says, is important!  I may have forgotten the feeling a little!  And this made me feel completely alive.  Living on the edge, pushing my limit, exceeding my limit.  I never thought I'd be able to complete 50km's but I did!  Despite exhaustion, the last few km's as I started to get the end in sight and recognized the road names, a smile broke and nothing could stop me smiling.  This was no "Oops I did it again" like the Britney Spears song - but this was a purposeful YES I DID IT!!!  I couldn't have worn a bigger smile the entire day.   

What have you done lately that makes you feel alive?  Makes you feel like you have a pep in your step?  What makes you feel like you have purpose?   Find a purpose, find a reason!  Do something you wouldn't normally do - step out of your comfort zone and onto the edge! 

A huge thank you to all of you who donated and volunteered - from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Your donations helped my team raise more than double our goal and I personally raised more than than my personal goal (which I did raise half way through) - we could not have done it without you.   And these funds will help Darling Home do some much needed upgrading where needed.   

Till next time folks, be fabulous, be unlimited fabulous!  Exceed your limits and do it fabulously!