happy Wednesday - 5 days to THE rIDE!

Happy Wednesday... and only 5 days to go.. 

When I decide to do something crazy, I may not think of the consequences... But this is such a good cause and consequences are still not front of mind.  At least not personal consequences.. that being really sore muscles or potentially the inability to walk all that comfortable for a few days.  But nah, I'm ready to do this - heart and soul committed - legs and wheels to follow!    I'm much more thinking of the rewards and what this would mean to so many families.  And yes! I did train a little...  

So what is this crazy thing I am going to do, you ask?  I have committed to cycling 50km's with the "Ride With Wheels" benefiting "The Darling Home for Kids"!  YES, you read that - I did commit to 50kms!  And this is not crazy for many other riders, but it is a crazy thing to do for me! Of all the crazy things, I go do this!  Right up my crazy ally - and I'm really excited!!  I am part of FEI SGH team - the "Chief FUN Officers" of course..  A fun group of us stepping out into the community to give back!  As a team we have almost raised $5,000 - and we can do better!  But only with YOUR help!

It is for a great cause and the work that the Darling Home does, is outstanding!  Reading the first sentence of their vision "Our vision is to be an oasis of comfort and joy for the children and families we serve".. that was enough to commit me heart and soul to this cause!  And then I read parents stories on what it means to them, and I was inspired even further.  

My sister has autism (she lives in South Africa) and through her many health challenges, I know we could really have benefited from a place like The Darling Home.  So this touch me personally - and I hope that kids and their families that need them will always be able to reach out!  We can make a difference.

Its not too late to join us on this ride.. sign up today, join one of the existing teams - join our team (it will be FUN)!  OR donate today.   Or choose to volunteer in your local community.   

I will leave you to ponder.. with this awesome quote borrowed from Wheels website "Don't limit your challenges.  Challenge your limits."  

Have a fun Wednesday and the rest of the week and remember to give back.. and never stop being FABULOUS! It is inside YOU!!